Women in the West

Women in the West

Ride under the endless blue of an Idaho sky and learn common-sense communication techniques as you embark on a path of discovery with your horse.

Women in the West is a five-day course which provides 40 hours of trail riding and classroom instruction. Begin each morning with a refreshing yoga session that teaches a balance between mind, body and spirit. Enjoy healthy home-cooked lunches that feature the freshest, local ingredients. Then top the week off with a trail ride through the high-country prairie, followed by a sunset supper served from the chuckwagon.

Riders may trailer their own horse or train with a horse from the ranch. Spencer Training features a 120′ x 60′ indoor arena as well as a 120′ x 280′ outdoor arena.

For a detailed daily schedule – select the day schedule below:

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Day 1

Selection & Buying Horses1.) Selection and Buying Horses
a.) Choosing the right horse
b.) Researching history
c.) Vet Checks
d.) Price
e.) Brands and Health Certificates

2.) Feeds and Feeding
a.) Identifying types of Hay
b.) Supplements and Concentrates
c.) Avoiding Feeding Problems

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Identifying your skill level
b.) Tack Identification


Day 2

Health & Performance Dentistry1.) Health and Performance Dentistry
a.) Does your horse need Dental work?
b.) How to choose a dentist
c.) Training and Health problems associated with poorly      balanced teeth
d.) Dental Maintenance
e.) Anatomy of the mouth

2.) Riding Instruction
a.) Focus on Bits and Bitting


Day 3

Hoof care & Shoeing1.) Chiropractics
a.) Does your horse need a chiropractor?
b.) Simple tests and stretches
c.) What to expect out of chiropractors

2.) Health Care
a.) Vaccinations
b.) Diseases of the foot
c.) Parasite control
d.) How to choose the right Veterinarian

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Arena work



Day 4

Trailer Loading & Handling1.) Hoof Care and Shoeing
a.) Anatomy of the hoof and lower leg
b.) Diseases of the hoof
c.) Common injuries of the hoof
d.) What to expect from your farrier
e.) Maintenance of the hoof

2.) Trailer loading and handling
a.) Choosing a trailer
b.) Safety
c.) Hitching up and lights
d.) Loading your horse

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Obstacles

Day 5

Basic Riding Skills1.) Barn Management Practices
a.) Cleanliness
b.) Space requirements
c.) Construction requirements
d.) Turn out / Exercise

2.) Riding Instruction
a.) Trail ride

Women in the West Schedule

Classes forming weekly. PLease call for current schedule. 208.286.0690 or email spencer.training@hotmail.com and provide a phone number so we can call you with an up to date schedule.

Women of the West Fee: $1200.00

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