Class 1

Class I Daily Schedule

Class I is a five day course and provides you 40 hours of instruction (classroom and on horseback), textbook, home cooked ranch meal at noon, and beverages. For a detailed daily schedule – select the day schedule below:


Day 1

Selection & Buying Horses1.) Selection and Buying Horses
a.) Choosing the right horse
b.) Researching history
c.) Vet Checks
d.) Price
e.) Brands and Health Certificates

2.) Feeds and Feeding
a.) Identifying types of Hay
b.) Supplements and Concentrates
c.) Avoiding Feeding Problems

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Identifying your skill level
b.) Tack Identification

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Day 2

Health & Performance Dentistry1.) Health and Performance Dentistry
a.) Does your horse need Dental work?
b.) How to choose a dentist
c.) Training and Health problems associated with poorly      balanced teeth
d.) Dental Maintenance
e.) Anatomy of the mouth

2.) Riding Instruction
a.) Focus on Bits and Bitting

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Day 3
Hoof care & Shoeing1.) Chiropractics
a.) Does your horse need a chiropractor?
b.) Simple tests and stretches
c.) What to expect out of chiropractors

2.) Health Care
a.) Vaccinations
b.) Diseases of the foot
c.) Parasite control
d.) How to choose the right Veterinarian

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Arena work

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Day 4
Trailer Loading & Handling1.) Hoof Care and Shoeing
a.) Anatomy of the hoof and lower leg
b.) Diseases of the hoof
c.) Common injuries of the hoof
d.) What to expect from your farrier
e.) Maintenance of the hoof

2.) Trailer loading and handling
a.) Choosing a trailer
b.) Safety
c.) Hitching up and lights
d.) Loading your horse

3.) Riding Instruction
a.) Obstacles

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Day 5

Basic Riding Skills1.) Barn Management Practices
a.) Cleanliness
b.) Space requirements
c.) Construction requirements
d.) Turn out / Exercise

2.) Riding Instruction
a.) Trail ride

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Class I Schedule

January 21-25
February 25-28
March 24-28
April 28 – May 2
May 12-16
June 23-27
July 7-11
August 25-29
September 22-26
October 6-10
November 3-7
December 1-5

Horsemanship Class I Fee: $1000.00

Evening Classes are available for Class 1:
I night weekly
Call for current night schedule
Horsemanship Evening Class I Fee: $750.00

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