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Spencer Training,
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Over 30 years of horse training experience.
When it comes to training horses, there is much more to it than just pulling the reins. Horse pastures come with lots of upkeep and maintenance. As a part of that maintenance, controlling pests and wildlife that can be a danger is of importance. Wildlife such as badgers, armadillos, gophers, moles and woodchucks create burrows that can spell disaster for any hose that is unlucky and steps into one. As part of our training, we will be adding an additional section on dealing with nuisance wildlife and getting rid of critters. This 3 part series will be taught by wildlife control professionals from 3 seperate regions of the U.S. to cover all animals that a horse owner may come across. The 3 part series will cover:
  1. Removing problem wildlife with humane Baltimore animal removal methods by: Dan Brody – On The Fly Pest Solutions
  2. Preventing nuisance animals and roof rats with Germantown rodent proofing by: Richard Hodges – Patriot Wildlife Control
  3. Houston Bat control for barns using wildlife exclusion by: James Catchings – The Critter Squad Inc.

Owned and operated by noted horse expert, Jeff Spencer and his wife, Jane. Spencer Training, Inc. offers you a full range of services to enhance your riding and training abilities:

  •  Horsemanship School – a 5 day course – offered for all abilities
  •  Women in the West – Horsemanship School designed exclusively for Women.
  •  Training and Colt Starting
  •  Clinics

Located in the pristine foothills just 30 minutes from Boise, Idaho, Spencer Training, Inc. provides state-of-the-art facilities along with miles of open range to train and challenge you and your horse.

Tour our site and we are confident you will find, Spencer Training, Inc. is equipped to meet any horse owners needs.